More than Three Dozen Present Masters Thesis Talks

Saturday, April 30, 2022 was a very busy one at the Jackson School of Geosciences.

An unusually large number of graduated students—39 in total—presented their research to the community. These presentations are required for each student completing the graduate program, either as part of the JSG’s M.S. Program or the interdisciplinary Energy and Earth Resources Graduate Program.

In additional to the 39 students finishing this spring, two graduate students presented their Masters research last December.

“On behalf of the JSG Graduate Student Executive Committee (GSEC), I would like to wish all of this year’s graduating master’s students a heartfelt congratulations!” said GSEC Vice President Emily Bamber. “The students should all be incredibly proud of their achievements, overcoming several challenges to get to this point. Their journeys only just started here; now it’s time to go and change the world! Hook ‘Em!” 

The honor of “Best Talk” was awarded to Gabrielle Varona for her presentation (Paleogeographic Evolution of the Orange and Green Sands in WR 313, Deep-water Gulf of Mexico) while Andrew Kleiman received second place for his talk (The Cobalt Supply Chain and Life Cycle Assessment of Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems).

“I think this year’s Masters Presentations really showcased both the dedication and the resiliency of our students,” said John Lassiter, professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and the faculty member overseeing the DeFord Lecture Series this academic year. “I was very impressed by the caliber of all the presentations, and I think it is remarkable that these students were able to produce outstanding research results under the very trying conditions imposed by the COVID pandemic. For better or worse, this year’s Masters graduates really are the “COVID cohort”, and they weathered the storm over the past two years admirably.”

Congratulations to all 41 students who could complete their Masters degrees this year!

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Most of the 39 graduates students who presented their research to the Jackson School of Geosciences, Spring 2022