Degrees Offered


Undergraduates at the Jackson School have eight degree options, anchored by fundamental courses taken by all majors during their first two to three years. Students enter as Geological Sciences entry level or Environmental Science entry level majors and, after completion of freshman requirements, can be admitted to one of the degree options. Faculty and academic advisors work with students to select the best option for them. Consult the short descriptions below for more information, or see the UT Austin Undergraduate Course Catalog.

Climate System Science

New 2024 Degree
B.S. in Climate System Science

Environmental Science

B.S. in Environmental Science

General Geology

B.S. in General Geology


B.S. in Geophysics


B.S. in Hydrology And Water Resources


B.S. in Teaching

Geosystems Engineering

B.S. in Geosystems Engineering

Ba In Geological Sciences

B.A. in Geological Sciences


Geosciences Majors

While a minor is not required as part of any geological sciences degree program, students may choose to complete a minor in a field of study other than their major and to which they gain entry.  

Non-Geosciences Majors

The minors offered by the Jackson School of Geosciences promote the understanding of Earth as a system, its resources, and environment, for the lasting benefit of humankind. Any non-geosciences student in good academic standing is encouraged to apply to a JSG minor. Students apply for admission to the minor, have it added to their degree profile, successfully complete all requirements, and apply to graduate for it to appear on their transcript. 

Acceptance into the minor does not guarantee a seat in any GEO course. Registration for these courses requires existing prerequisites are adequately met. If unable to obtain a seat in a course for your minor please contact the JSG Advising Office

Computational Geosciences

Computational Geosciences Minor


Geosciences Minor


Hydrology Minor

Sedimentology And Earth Surface Processes

Sedimentology and Earth Surface Processes Minor