Cardenas Surface Water

Hydrogeophysical Equipment

The Hydrology Research Group and other units use hydrogeophysical equipment for research, including an Electrical Resistivity Meter, used for large land or underwater surveys, and a Thermal infrared camera, or FLIR ThermaCAM SC640, is high-resolution and portable.

In addition, the Hydro Lab is dedicated to hydrogeology and environmental geology courses. It has facilities for grain-size analyses, porosity/ permeability testing, and a wide variety of lab demonstration techniques. It is also used as the base for groundwater field methods courses.

Ecohydro Field

Geobiological Methods

The Ecohydrology Research Group (role of vegetation in land-atmosphere exchange) and the Rempe Research Group (weathering, moisture in rock) have compiled a full suite of field research equipment for projects, including [content needed]