Degrees Offered

Doctor of Philosophy

The PhD combines coursework and a dissertation.  This degree is for those who intend to pursue careers in academia, although individuals who intend to go into industry, government, or other careers also have earned the doctoral degree. The PhD is research-oriented, with the student and his or her supervisor developing a plan for its completion. Breadth of knowledge in the geosciences is expected, and the student works with their supervisor to meet this goal through their coursework and research.

Master of Science

The Master of Science (MS) degree at the Jackson School of Geosciences is considered to be the professional degree for a career in the Geosciences. This degree is the foundation for students pursuing employment in the petroleum industry, environmental and hydrogeological fields, state and federal government agencies, and other related geoscience fields. Some students also use the MS degree as preparation for pursuing a PhD. The MS program is designed to bring the student to a high level of expertise within their chosen area of the geosciences through learning advanced concepts provided by graduate course work and through independent and original research. Graduates of the JSG MS program are expected to be proficient in a broad range of technical and socially-relevant areas of the Earth sciences and best-prepared among their peers in terms of conducting, presenting, and publishing research. JSG MS students are among the most highly recruited group of young professionals in the energy industry.