Research in the Department encompasses all parts of the Earth’s dynamic system—from the core to the surface to the atmosphere—and the systems of other planetary bodies. With our three research programs, Lithosphere & Deep Earth, Subsurface, Surface & Life, and Water, Climate & Environment, we investigate the linkages between the Earth’s interior, surface, hydrosphere, cryosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere, and how the coupling of chemical, physical, biological, and geological processes shape the evolution of Earth and impact society. Using field and laboratory methods, we blend research of deep time with the present day to investigate the consequences of long- and short-term processes.

Research is an integral part of the undergraduate and graduate experience at the Department, fostering an understanding of fundamental geoscientific processes and promoting curiosity-driven science. Both faculty and students conduct research within the Department, and with colleagues at the Jackson School’s Institute for Geophysics and Bureau of Economic Geology.

Students interested in conducting research at the Department should visit our for Undergraduate Research or Graduate Research pages.