Student Research Stories

Students conduct research in many fields. Check out these stories for inspiration!

Michael Chiappone Close To Graduation At Ut Scaled 840x600 Acf Cropped

Michael Chiappone, a Jackson Scholar, did an undergraduate research project under the supervision of Dr. Julia Clarke. He examined what living birds can tell us about dinosaur evolution, leading to a senior thesis that will be published in a peer-reviewed journal. Michael graduated in 2022. Read more

Daphne Smith At Graduation 840x600 Acf Cropped

Daphne Smith joined Dr. Daniella Rempe’s research project, working to understand how plants access deep water stores in rock and how this impacts groundwater recharge in the Hill Country. Daphne graduated in 2022. Read more

Sanchez Oaks Scaled 840x600 Acf Cropped

Jackson Scholar Irineo Sanchez graduated in 2021 after joining the lab of Dr. Tim Goudge. There, his research project used remote sensing data to demonstrate water flow and flooding on Mars. Read more

Brooke Kopecky 2 Scaled 1

Brooke Kopecky, currently an environmental geologist currently working at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, worked as a student research assistant in UTIG’s climate group from 2017 to 2019. Read more

Patty S

Patty Standring, a geophysics undergraduate, received an AGU travel support grant in 2018 to attend her first ever AGU Fall Meeting, where she was selected to present a poster about the Marine Geology and Geophysics Field Course. Read more