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Digital Imaging

The Digital Morphology Library is a dynamic archive of information on digital morphology and high-resolution X-ray computed tomography of biological specimens.

The spectacular imagery and animations provide details on the morphology of many representatives of the Earth’s biota.

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Nonvertebrate Paleontology

Founded in 1999, the Non-Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory is the fifth largest collection in the United States. This collection is known for its rare and important specimens with a type and figured collection of over 22,000 specimens, and for its innovative approaches to the management of an unconventional collection.

The focus of the NPL is invertebrate and paleobotanical fossils but these are complemented by a wealth of recent marine, freshwater and terrestrial specimens, and an extensive rock, mineral and impact-related collection.

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Vertebrate Paleontology

The collections of the Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory are known worldwide for unique scientific collections from the American Southwest and rank among the seven largest holdings in North America. Most specimens were collected by UT Austin faculty, staff and students, and outstanding specimens are on exhibit at the Texas Memorial Museum.

Also part of the VPL on the Pickle Research Campus, the Skeleton Preparation Facility transforms fleshy carcasses of modern animals such as birds, mammals and reptiles into clean skeletons for comparison with paleontological specimens.

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Library Collections

The Walter Geology Library serves the Jackson School of Geosciences (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, the Bureau of Economic Geology, Institute for Geophysics) and other users of geoscience information.

In addition to state funding, the Walter Geology Library benefits from several endowments maintained by the Jackson School’s Geology Foundation.