Seeing Everything Under a Geoscience Lens

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Recently, Clara Webb—a Radio, Film Television freshman and a staffer at The Daily Texan—was inspired to pour all that she’s learning in GEO 303 into a comic strip. She took out her iPad and created layers of color and story.

The result was “Core Curriculum,” printed in The Daily Texan on September 27th.

“I am taking GEO 303 from Dr. Tim Shanahan, and on the first day of class he said that he’d tell us the entire history of the universe in 55 minutes,” Webb explains. “I could listen to him all day. He is my favorite teacher.”

The impact of the class has been fun and stimulating. Webb now meanders through campus pointing out minerals and laughing about the chemical compound of table salt with other geology students. She is also now considering a minor in the geological sciences.

When Webb and a friend showed the comic to Shanahan, they were surprised by his reaction.

“He was much more excited than I would have thought!”