Cecil Green Enterprise Award


January 1

Career Stage:

The Cecil Green Enterprise Award was established to recognize the importance of an individual enterprise to the economic vitality of our industry and shall be conferred from time to time on persons who, in the unanimous opinion of the Honors and Awards Committee and the Board of Directors, have demonstrated courage, ingenuity, and achievement while risking their own resources and future in developing a product, service, organization, or activity which is recognized as a distinct and worthy contribution to the industry.

Nomination Process:
(1) Any SEG member can nominate other SEG members for SEG awards. However, seldom is an award made on the basis of one or two nomination letters. Similarly, multiple support letters that have identical or almost identical wording dilute the strength of a nominee's dossier. Several heartfelt substantive support letters make honoring an individual much easier for the Committee. If you know someone who is truly deserving, gather additional support to help ensure the nomination can be evaluated fairly by Committee members who may not know the nominee nor her/his accomplishments. (2) Self-nominations or nomination campaigns that are instigated or promoted by a nominee are discouraged. However, supplying information to help the nominators in the form of publications, achievements, and an up-to-date curriculum vitae or resume' is helpful and makes the accuracy of information much easier for the Committee to confirm. (3) Nomination letters should clearly state for which award the nominee should be considered. Award descriptions are readily available on the SEG website. The more closely the nomination matches the relevant award description, the easier it is for the Committee to evaluate the nominations. Single-sentence unsupported nominations are not helpful. (4) The Committee will consider nominees for the award for which they are submitted, but has some flexibility to move nominees to other award categories as seems prudent. The Committee will not solicit additional letters on behalf of a nominee, but rather decides each case based on the material submitted. (5) The Committee's deliberations are confidential, and Committee members generally recuse themselves from deliberations involving nominees with whom they have a close personal or professional relationship. Nominations should be sent to: SEG Honors and Awards Committee c/o SEG Business Office 8801 S. Yale Ave, Suite 500 Tulsa, OK 74137-2740, USA

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