Copernicus Medal

Copernicus Gesellschaft e.V.


Career Stage:
Early Career

Subject Areas:
geosciences, planetary sciences, space sciences, Mid-Career, Geology

The aim of the Copernicus Medal is threefold:
1) It recognizes ingenious, innovative work in the geosciences or in the planetary and space sciences;
2) It recognizes exceptional efforts in the promotion and international collaboration in these disciplines;
3) It is dedicated to colleagues in the midst of their scientific career (e.g. no later than 20 years after receiving the PhD degree).

Any suggestions will be assessed by an international and interdisciplinary committee and the award will be presented at a special commemorative event in April the following year.

Nomination Process:
The Copernicus Gesellschaft e.V., the exclusive partner of Copernicus Meetings & Publications, solicits nominations of appropriate candidates from the international geo- and space sciences community. Candidate nominations should be submitted by 15 November. Please provide the following material:
- A CV (about 1 page) and a list of up to 10 selected publications;
- A concise statement of achievements (e.g. "for her/his/their pioneering and ground-breaking work on ocean dynamics and her/his/their excellent leadership in the XYZ Project");
- A brief encomium of the candidate and their work (1 page), as well as an outline of recognizable community services such as promoting international collaboration, supporting meetings and workshops, and engaging in public outreach.

Please submit your proposals by email to:

The Copernicus Medal is presented annually. All nominations will be evaluated by an international and interdisciplinary committee. The winner will be awarded during a special commemorative ceremony.

Please note that this medal is not in competition with other medals presented by scientific associations and societies collaborating with Copernicus GmbH on conferences or publications.

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