Laurence L. Sioss Award


February 15

Career Stage:
Late stage career

The Sloss award is given annually to a sedimentary geologist whose lifetime achievements best exemplify those of Larry Sloss - i.e., achievements that contribute widely to the field of sedimentary geology and through service to GSA.

Nomination Process:
Nominations will be from the Division membership at large, and should consist of a letter describing the Nominee's accomplishments in the field of sedimentary geology and contributions to GSA, as well as a Curriculum Vita. Nominations should be forwarded to the Division Secretary-Treasurer, who will forward the dossiers to GSA Headquarters for copying and dissemination to the Sloss Awards Committee. The Nominee need not be a member of the Division or of GSA, but must have made valuable contributions to the Society. The dossiers of nominees who did not receive the award in any given year will be retained and considered for two succeeding years; thus, nominations are valid for a total of three years. Updated information for carry-over candidates may be sent to the Division Secretary-Treasurer during the ordinary call for nominations. Sloss Award Committee members are encouraged to initiate nominations for the Award.

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