MSA Fellowship


June 1

Career Stage:

Members who have contributed significantly to the advancement of mineralogy, crystallography, geochemistry, petrology, or allied sciences and whose scientific contribution utilized mineralogical studies or data, may be designated as Fellows upon proper accreditation by the Committee on Nomination for Fellows and election by the Council.

Nomination Process:
Nominations for Fellowship in MSA requires a Sponsor, who is a Member or Fellow of the Society, to submit the following cover page and indicated information: (1) personal data on the nominee that includes: name in full, address, present position or occupation, academic training, professional record, membership in other scientific organizations, and list of publications (2) the sponsor's nomination statement that includes: an indication of the length and nature of your acquaintance with the candidate, the nominee's research contributions to the field, the nominee's meritorious educations contributions to the field, your evalution of her/his scientific ability or impact on the field over the course of her/his career, and your name, affiliation, address, and contact information (3) Co-sponsors are no longer required for a fellowship nomination, but can be included if arranged for by the sponsor.

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