Undergraduate Student Support Request for Analytical Fees

Description: This is to request financial support for fees associated with analytical services to facilitate your undergraduate research. This is not a request to support travel to collect samples or perform analyses at a laboratory.

Eligibility: Current EPS students in good standing conducting research with a Jackson School researcher.

Deadlines: Oct 1, Mar 1 (recurring).

Application: Send a pdf with the following information to rempe@jsg.utexas.edu. You will be notified about the status of your application via e-mail.

  1. Name/UT EID.
  2. Your major.
  3. Research mentor/supervisor’s name and email.
  4. Provide a brief description of your research project. Describe your samples and how you obtained them, and how the specific analysis will advance your research goals.
  5. Provide an itemized project budget for analytical fees. Itemize by type of analysis, and indicate where analysis will be performed.
  6. If not performed at a UT facility and an appropriate facility is available (e.g., thin sections, ICP-MS, electron microprobe), provide justification for using an alternative lab facility (attach additional page if necessary).
  7. Total requested support for analytical fees.