Undergraduate Student Support Request for Professional Development

Description: This is to request financial support for travel and registration to attend a meeting or workshop to present your undergraduate research or learn a skill that advances your research. This is not a request to support travel to conduct research in the field or at a laboratory. Your request should minimize costs by choosing economical options.

Eligibility: Current EPS students in good standing conducting research with a Jackson School researcher.

Deadlines: Oct 1, Dec 1, Mar 1, May 1 (recurring).

Application: Send a pdf with the following information to rempe@jsg.utexas.edu. You will be notified about the status of your application via e-mail.

  1. Name and UT EID
  2. Your major.
  3. Research mentor/supervisor’s name and email.
  4. Description of professional development activity (name of event, website of event, location, time).
  5. Briefly describe your research project and how the professional development activity will support your undergraduate research.
  6. Report the total requested support and provide an itemized budget for your travel with a justification for each expense. Include the following categories:
    • Travel (airfare, bus, taxi, rental vehicle, department vehicle, gas, parking, tolls)
    • Lodging (number of days and location)
    • Food (source of food, number of days and cost per day)
    • Registration
    • Other