Take 10 Minutes for a Sneak Peek into Geophysics

Undergraduates curious about geophysics—the science that involves the study physical processes and properties of the Earth—can now preview each class offered by the Department of Geosciences through a series of video introductions narrated by professors.

Studying the physical processes and properties of the Earth is often conducted using geophysical data, such as gravity or magnetic anomalies or seismic velocity. For this, scientists do not observe the process or property directly but infer them from the observations. They apply quantitative data analysis to these data along with sophisticated computational modeling.

Geophysicists study a wide range of topics within the overall theme. These topics range from earthquakes and plate tectonics, to glaciers, to fluid dynamics and volcanism, to mineral resources, natural hazards, groundwater, and environmental studies, among others.

If any of these topics interest you, perhaps geophysics is your calling!

For more detailed information, please take a few moments to watch the brief videos that describe the geophysics major here at The University of Texas at Austin. Also, check out additional information for Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences Option II: Geophysics and the current degree plan.