Room Access

For access to buildings or rooms, please use forms here (eid required).

When the room is approved by the EPS Front Desk, the submitter will receive an e-mail they have been approved.

Three types of keys are used in the JSG and EPS Buildings.
• Key Fob – New users coordinate with the EPS Front Desk on receiving a key fob. One
key fob will store multiple access codes. Doors which use the key fob system are
programmed in-person by the EPS Front Desk. Allow up to one week for access.
• Proximity-Enabled ID Card – Users must have an ID Card provided by the ID Center (FAC). Allow up to 24-48 hours for access.
• Metal Key – You will receive the key form via Docusign. Lock and Key will email you when the key is ready to be picked up. They are now located in the LKS temporary trailer next to CPE and Speedway.